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The Maine Art Commission is pleased to announce a collection of paintings and photographs to mark the centenary of the Acadia National Park. Artists will set up their easels at Bangor Art Society on Saturday 9 April to take part in the second annual Paint Bangors Day and raise money for Bangor Arts Society. The Maine Arts Commission was honored to showcase the work of the Bankers "Art Community and the art of its members, who will showcase more than 1,000 artworks in their galleries and galleries across the state, from the Maine State Museum to the University of Maine at Augusta, and from Portland, Maine to Washington, D.C., to spread their colors for a day showcasing painting, sculpture, photography, music, dance and more.

Located on the banks of stunning Moosehead Lake, the art gallery often hosts live music and events such as the annual Bangor Music Festival. The orchestra's season begins in the fall and continues through spring and summer, with concerts and performances at the University of Maine at Augusta and the Maine Natural History Museum. In addition to the weekly concerts, the Bangors Band continues the success of the Bangor Symphony with its annual summer concert series.

Bangor is also home to the Bangor Band, which performs year-round, including the annual Veterans Day and Christmas shows. In addition to his weekly concerts, there are also free summer concerts at the University of Maine in Augusta, the Maine Natural History Museum and other venues.

Every first Friday of summer, the Bangor Arts Collaborative hosts its annual Art Walk, where local artists, craftsmen, musicians, writers, photographers and other artists come together to showcase their work.

Each artwork is accompanied by a statement from the artist, including a description of how art plays a role in the artist's life, background and vision for the work. The gallery offers a selection of local artists including David Highland, John D'Arcy, Michael O'Hara and others from across the state.

In 1916, Maine Governor Oakley C. Curtis declared April 19, 1916, Maine Postcard Day and asked people in Mainz to send postcards from their home state to friends and family.

He said the presence of dozens of painters scattered across the city had also opened up a new perspective on Bangor for passers-by. Inspired by the anniversary of the card, art author Carl Little was asked to combine vintage photographs from PMM's remarkable collection with a series of postcards by Maine Postcard Day postcard artist Clyde Whitten. He drew works that showed the artist's hand, the idea being that Rhode Island - based on Whitten's - included paintings of his work in both acrylic and pastel. While Clyde drew most of her subjects in her native Maine, she also drew in the states of New Hampshire and New Jersey, as well as in New York, California and other parts of the country.

See Maine Art Walks, which include art galleries offering wine and snacks and artists invited to meet with prospective buyers and talk about their work. There are many other events listed here in Bangor and other Maine cities, as well as in other parts of Maine.

Head to Bangor Museum of Art for a day of art, music, food and fun in the heart of the city.

The Maine Arts Commission has begun the traditional art curriculum, and Bowdoin College has its own program, beginning with the legacy of the college's founder in 1811. This beautiful gallery, which also houses Louise Nevelson's sculptures, is a must for Maine art lovers, though a break is recommended. The Main Street Gallery of the Bangor Museum of Art is open to the public every day of the week and houses more than 1,000 artworks from Maine and around the country, including works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, John Singer Sargent, Paul Gauguin and others.

He then worked at Carpenter & Associates in Orono, where he designed plans for all aspects of the home.

Some artists do their best work when they really know their subjects, and the current UMMA Quartet Exhibition is rare in that all four artists and their work have anything to do with Maine. If you are a history buff and want to explore the history of Bangor and the things that have shaped the area, you should definitely visit the University of Maine Hudson Museum in Bangors. The works include works by artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, Robert A.C. Anderson, John Singer Sargent, William F. Buckley Jr.

Gail, who is the third generation of artists, has been studying art and nature for over 40 years and shares her passion for art with her husband and children. For questions about the artists or to purchase their works, please contact Jann at jann @ or on Facebook.

Her work explores urban, industrial, and pastoral images of Maine and documents the ever-changing landscapes she paints. She used to teach at the Academy of Classical Design, but now offers private workshops and courses at her own studio in Bangor, Maine, and in Portland.

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