Bangor Maine Attractions

The city of Bangor is developing its waterfront and there are always activities, but it looks a little different from usual. There is an art walk, a boat ride, a bike ride on the river and even a kayak ride. Spotted whales, dolphins and seals are also a popular activity and a place to visit when exploring Portland.

Visit the University of Maine Art Museum and Maine Art Museum, Bangor Art Gallery and Portland Art Institute. Visit the annual Maine Arts Festival, a celebration of art and culture in Bangor City. You can also learn more about the city of Portland and its art, culture and history, as well as its museums and galleries. Seasonal check-in options at the New England Museum and Art Center in Portland or the Boston Museum.

If you have a little more time, go on an outdoor adventure, and if you take a trip to Maine, the Bangor Waterfront is a welcome physical break while you can still stay out.

One of the options in Bangor is a walk along the Penobscot River waterfront, and Cascade Park is on Bangor's waterfront. You can take a nice walk or a bike ride or even just a walk, but it is a good place to relax and enjoy the landscape.

For Mainz, the most popular winter sport is sledging, and there are many opportunities for visitors to rent a sleigh or take a guided tour. The family-run ski resort on Mount Desert Island has 100% snow-making capacity, so you are guaranteed to have fun on the slopes during the long winter season in northern Maine.

Head to Greenville to visit Moosehead Lake, or drive along the coast to explore Acadia National Park or head north to Katahdin Park, the largest national park in the United States. If you are traveling to one of Maine's most popular tourist destinations, such as Portland or Portland State University, you should definitely stop in Bangor.

If you are looking for a place to escape the daily grind, Bangor is a great destination for hiking, biking, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. An hour's drive from Bangors is the city of Augusta, the largest city in Maine and the second largest in the United States in population.

In Chamberlain Freedom Park, you'll find a monument to the subway called North Freedom, and you'll find the home of the nationally renowned Maine Black Bears ice hockey team.

The station is located on the corner of Main and Union Streets in the city centre and offers connections on US Route 1 with stops in Portland and Bangor. Built in 1989, the museum houses a collection of artifacts from the Maine Railroad Museum, a museum of transportation history located in Enfield, Maine.

If you're not on tour, be sure to visit the Bangor Water District Standpipe page when you see it. Dover - Foxcroft is a popular downtown tourist attraction and one of Maine's most popular attractions.

Originally from Maine, Stephen King has become a fan attraction and has added stopovers to many of his tours. After taking a photo of the Paul Bunyan statue, head to the Stephen King House, but don't do it alone.

Blackbeard and a selection of games and activities make Bangor a great place to be when you're in Bangors but don't know what to do? Freeport has acted like a city in its own right, with a variety of restaurants, several Maine product outlets and a South Freeport Town Wharf where tourists can mingle with locals. Check out our list of fun things to do outside of Bangor to enjoy spring.

You won't want to miss a bucket list that's worth a vacation in Maine interrupted by tourist traps or road trips. Whether you're heading to Bangor, Freeport, Portland, Augusta, Lewiston or any of the other cities along the Maine coast, you didn't want to miss out on the must-see - check out places to visit.

We have done our best to curate this list from across the state, but as you see it, you will discover new things to do in Maine. You have a choice, as there are nearly 10 breweries in the Bangor area on the Maine Beer Trail. To find out where your team is playing in Bangor or any other city, visit https: / / / for more information.

If you need retail therapy on your Bangor trip, visit the Bangor Mall on Stillwater Ave. Stephen King fans will certainly find here the perfect place to visit him as a lover of his books and films. After living in Bangors, Maine, King simply drove into town and passed all the shops on his way to university. Old Town Canoe operates shops in the same building as the Bangor Museum of Natural History and the Maine State Museum.

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More About Bangor