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While Portland gets most of the attention for the foodie scene in Maine, Bangor also has some gems of its own. Downtown Bangors is lined with local shops and restaurants and offers a variety of good restaurants, from local cafes to craft beers and wine bars. If you're looking for a great place to grab a drink or something - go there, here are some of our top tips for the best places in town to behave if you want.

Other activities include shopping in the city centre, attending a Penobscot Theatre Company show or horse-drawn carriage racing at Bangor Raceway. Outside of everyday life, the city centre also hosts a variety of events, from a renowned contemporary art museum to locally organised storytelling sessions.

If I have said anything else, I hope this post will introduce you to some of the popular foods that are popular in Maine. Although not everyone likes seafood or is allergic to it, this guide to Maine - ly eating gives you a good idea of where you can eat other types of food and treats.

Share it with your friends and family by embedding it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites. The restaurant in the city centre has a cosy atmosphere with exposed brick walls and an extensive menu with local ingredients. Although not in Bangor, Pat's Pizza is close to the city in a few directions, but easily accessible from Bar Harbor.

It is a great place to enjoy a healthy lunch or dinner, with a good selection of fresh, local ingredients and a friendly staff.

If you're looking for a good breakfast spot to grab a morning joke or walk to work, Frank's Bakery is a classic Bangor. If you fancy a takeout, fast food is always an option, and although you can get it anywhere, here are a few places where you can get a Morning Joe that you won't find anywhere else. It has excellent taste and is a perfect place to spend a perfect night with friends or family, with a good selection of fresh, local food. My second favourite pizza is her pizza, but my all-time favourite is the Spanish one.

Then order the lobster tail Bisque Combination plate and take advantage of the opportunity to have lobster back. Here, everything revolves around the lobster rolls, but the mushroom soup is also excellent, rounding off the meal with a side of fresh local cheese and a good glass of wine.

Besides its many parks, Bangor City Forest is a large recreational area covering about 650 hectares. This makes it one of the largest recreational areas in the state of Maine with over 1,000 hectares of open space.

This is a great place to have breakfast in the city and a staple food that has been available in Bangor for decades. There are also lunch buffets and happy hour specials, making it an affordable and satisfying place to eat out.

You can only stay here in the summer, but if you eat in Bangor, you might be looking for something different from what you could eat in a restaurant in Portland or Portland, Maine. If you visit Bangors, whether for a vacation in Maine, a longer stay or for work, food will likely be part of your day.

This Maine restaurant classic is Governor's Restaurant, where you can forget Bangor and head to the Maine State Capitol for a good meal. Visit Moe's on Broadway and enjoy sandwiches with daily fresh smoked meat, fresh bread and fresh minced meat.

Concord Trailways offers regular bus service between Bangor and Portland, as well as to the State Capitol in Maine. Regular services include the Cyr Bus Line, which runs in the Old Town, and the Concord Trailway.

The station is located on the corner of Main Street and Union Street in the city center and offers connections on US Route 1 with stops in Portland and Bangor. The Bat runs Monday through Saturday and serves as a stop for the Bangor-Portland Regional Transit Authority bus line. Bangor International Airport is served by Allegiant, American, Delta and United Airlines and is located near the Old Town and the Capitol.

Timber Kitchen and Bar is a great place for a quick lunch or dinner for those who want to come. There's nothing wrong with eating at Cafe Miranda, especially if you're exploring Rockland anyway.

Fruits and vegetables are served on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the snack time and there are many options that make vegetarians, vegans and all of us happy.

Students with medical or dietary restrictions or allergies must present food or medical notes to service personnel with a notepad for the food doctor. Families offering lunch at home should charge the price of their school fees or provide it from home or the school's main office. If the recommended lunch time changes, this is not a reason for gross negligence, as it does not cause any damage.

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